Driven by a resolute dedication to excellence and professionalism

We believe that technology is the key to progress. We are constantly looking for new ways to use technology to solve problems. We are committed to using our expertise in frontier technologies to make a difference in the world.

Progress Tech Ltd understands the value of technology in business and is dedicated to assisting its clients in adopting the current trends.

We have branches in Dubai and China and we offer a wide range of services. We can assist with structural design including software Development, UAVs, Robotics, IoT, Simulators, and ITs. We perform all of this to meet the requirements of various projects and sectors. Our primary focus is on employing automation and cutting-edge technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance and modernize industries.

we are

Driven by a resolute dedication to excellence and professionalism

We believe that digital transformation is essential for businesses to succeed in the 21st century. We help our clients develop a digital strategy that aligns with their business goals. Progress Tech Ltd is committed to expanding its global reach, developing new technology solutions, and acquiring complementary businesses.

Purpose and Perspective

Guiding Principles for a Purpose-Driven Future


Our objective is to update a traditional industry through the integration of intelligent systems powered by AI and machine learning. We craft strong, custom solutions using our expertise for each project's unique needs. We provide unique, innovative solutions such as IoT, drones, software, and robotics. Our technology improves efficiency, sustainability, and usability, maximizing industry potential. We help, surpass expectations, and build lasting relationships with customers.


Progress Tech Ltd desires to be a technological leader by focusing on IoT, robotics, and semiconductor solutions. To stay ahead, we will invest in R&D (Research and Development) to produce industry-transforming, efficient, and user-enhancing solutions. Our vision is to be a trusted worldwide technology supplier that makes a difference via partnership. We believe that by working together, we can make a difference in the world in a positive way.

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